Succesfull smart building solutions are all about the right partnerships.

Nordic Smart Building Convention brings together companies from all across the smart building life cycle. This is the place to find your next B2B prospects and ideal partners in a chamber atmosphere. 

We draw in your target audience, the Development and Project Managers in the Real Estate and Construction industry who are considering investing in smart building solutions, and your next partners from the industry solution providers.


The Smart Building Industry Arena is the place for leading Nordic companies in the construction and real estate industries to collaborate and co-create around innovation and experiments on new technologies. It’s the place where the future of construction and real estate is ignited.

By partnering with the Smart Building Industry Arena you place your company at the centre of the future of Nordic construction and real estate. You gain access to and engage with the most influential people and companies in your industry for talks on the smartest ways to vest in the future.

The Smart Building Tech Arena is the place where emerging innovative Nordic companies in the construction (ConTech) and Real Estate (PropTech) industries showcase their technology to leading companies in their respective industries.

Tech Arena is also the platform for arranging hackathons between companies in the Industry. The platform is also ideal for innovating and testing new technology applications faster and cheaper.


Venue Address

Tapahtumakeskus Telakka
Henry Fordin katu 6
00150 Helsinki