These are exciting times for the smart building industry and the Nordic Smart Building Convention is right in the midst of it. The real estate and construction companies, once considered to be old and slow are now undergoing rapid changes and moving faster than ever before. It is almost impossible to keep up with all the developments as everybody seems to be trying to claim their spot in the market.

Building automation systems, Building energy management and Building performance optimisation are some of the fastest moving segments in the market and proptech is not far behind. Proptech summits, workplace conventions and future of work events are appearing everywhere like mushrooms. A clear sign the industry is here to stay.

“How do we deal with the change?” And “Does it happen organically?”

For me as producer of the Nordic Smart Building Convention the most interesting question still is “where does the human fit in all of this?” I was excited to read this article “What does it mean to be human in the age of technology” since this is one of the key questions we should keep asking ourselves. And what about “How do we deal with the change?” And “Does it happen organically?” Ken Sinclair, our patron & host for next year’s event, recently published People-powered Transformation which dives deep into these questions.

Osama Khan from UC Berkeley

At Nordic Smart Building Convention 2017 Osama Khan from UC Berkeley presented a vision where technology will become invisible and surround us 24/7. It wouldn’t interfere with our daily lives and routines but would make everything easier freeing up time for creativity and productivity. At next year’s event Dr. Lawrence Ampofo founder and director of Semantica Research & Digital Mindfulness will continue the discussion about the digital changes in our environment and what it means for us in the age of digital distraction and information overload.  

“Nordic Smart Building Convention is set out to be the thought leader of the industry.”

When our team started with the concept I made a bold statement “Nordic Smart Building Convention is set out to be the thought leader of the industry.” As events producer I believe events are about more than just coming to the venue, listening to great speakers and going home. Events are great opportunity for networking and establishing new relationships with potential clients, but more over events are a way to bring the industry together. When the right people are in the right place I believe something inspiring happens. The crowd becomes a hive mind, the combined power of all the pioneers, experts and industry leaders, starts working. This synergy between people has the potential to be the start of something huge.

These are just a few of my thoughts when building the agenda for next year’s event. I would love to take the discussion further at our event and I am excited to see you all at Nordic Smart Building Convention 2018! Please leave your comments below on what subjects you think should be discussed and what speakers you would like to see.

Until next time!
Sjoerd Postema

Picture credit: Isla Vainio