An autonomous indoor drone that interprets it’s surroundings and software that reads emotions from pictures – Sci fi? No, just modern day technology.

We met with the two startups Arctic Robotics and Vibemetrics responsible for these innovations to have a look at their next stage technology.

Niko Oksanen, CEO of Arctic Robotics, introduced us to their indoor surveillance drones.

Though the stripped drones gave off a familiar almost nostalgic vibe with their multi-colored innards, especially to those of us who dismantled a radio-controlled toy or two as a kid, the finished drones donned in their white simplistic casings seemed to have come here straight from the future.

The Arctic Robotics drones have no need for humans at the controls, as they can easily do with just a previously planned route. The drones map out a room hurdles and all in under a minute and stick to their route while only changing it here and there to avoid obstacles. False alarms in commercial properties, which cover near 95 % of the alarms, are a significant money drain for companies. The Arctic Robotics drones aim to solve the problem by checking the property for the source of the alarm before actual emergency staff is sent out. Though with such all-round handy tech there really are very few restrictions as to what it can be applied to.

While Arctic Robotics has been concentrating on hardware, Vibemetrics has been busy developing their emotion centered software that will contribute to making Finland the ’Emotions Superpower’.

We met with Vibemetrics CEO Mikko Ruokojoki to discuss what our faces say about our workplace, how expressions can be turned into useful data and, interestingly, the ownership of emotions.

When talking about smart buildings you are going to run into Data and the question of ”Who’s where, what are they feeling and how are they using the space”. Square footage, and all the services they demand, is expensive. Finding out which spaces are wasting money and which are turning in profit is valuable information that can now be accessed with Vibemetrics. Their image reading software provides realtime information on user segments and the users’ basic emotions. The valuable data can be applied to a wide range of situations. For example, the users of a space could conveniently communicate what works and what doesn’t providing property managers the real time information needed to uphold a user centered, profitable smart building.

Though the software collects data from users anonymously Vibemetrics has come across some hindrances in deploying the product. Companies who would wish to use the software inside stores to get data from customers, are presented with the question ”Who should own the emotions?” The Smart Building industry is currently struggling to figure out who should own the data humans create as a bi-product of living in general; the same issue applies to turning human emotions to easily applicable data.

Both Arctic Robotics and Vibemetrics will be showcasing their products during the Nordic Smart Building Convention.

For more information about Arctic Robotics and Vibemetrics you can have a look here:
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This subject among many others will be discussed at Nordic Smart Building Convention 14.-15. of June 2017. Welcome!